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Tuned Micro Cosmos For Multi-Macro Value

Laser-structured ceramic cast and polymer surfaces.

It was our pleasure to present our results on laser structured ceramic and hybrid surfaces to minimize friction and wear.

With the DLIP strategy (Direct Laser Interference Patterning), we can further increase the positive properties of surfaces in the direction of minimizing friction and wear.

Tuned Micro Cosmos For Multi-Macro Value

Lightweight metals become progressively important in different industries such as automotive or machinery, since their application leads to a fuel consumption reduction and, thus, an environental shielding. To tap the whole potential of Al alloys in high-loaded applications, the existing surface treatments can be modified by laser texturing in aims of increasing the energy efficianty by decreasing friction and wear in an tribological application case.

Since the PEO (plasma electrolytical oxidation) process is known to provide hard and dense surfaces with an increasing wear performance on Al alloys [1], while PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone) based coating systems are supposed to provide low coefficient of friction accompanied by a good wear behaviour [2], this study deals with the modification of these two surface systems using DLIP (Direct Laser Interference Patterning). The influence of DLIP structures on the tribological behaviour of nanoceramic PEO surfaces, formed on casting Al alloys, and on PEEK high-performance coatings on Al 6082, is examined by pin-on-disc tests under different lubricated and dry sliding conditions. In both surface cases structures could be applied, which improve both – the wear resistance as well as the friction behaviour. Furthermore, the impact on the changed topography and morphology due to the laser structure process is determined by SEM and EDX analysis and correlated to the tribological behaviour.

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Development is part of our current project “Laser-Func-Light – Laser interference functionalized light metal hybrid ceramics" (research projects)

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