ELB Verfahren von der klassischen Anodisation bis hin zur innovativen Hybridoberflächen.

Treatments / Hybrid Coatings

Hybrid Coatings

With our CERANOD® hybrid process, we can combine different surface treatments in an extremely broad spectrum of technologies and materials. We can face almost any surface challenge – in mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, offshore, medical technology or one of the many other future-proof industries. These high-tech industries are constantly making new demands on component and product surfaces by opening up new fields of application.

ELB manages combinations that seem to be incompatible: extremely smooth with rough or adhesive surfaces, hydrophobic with hydrophilic, bactericidal with biocompatible, as rigid as possible with extremely flexible surfaces.

Our CERANOD® hybrid surfaces offer unrivalled long-life protection for component and product surfaces in high-tech industries – making them corrosion and abrasion resistant. This couples the friction-reducing properties of polymer surfaces with wear-resistant oxide or ceramic surfaces. In this combination, the hybrid systems achieve characteristics regarding function and service life that individual components could not have achieved on their own.

Thanks to the extremely broad CERANOD® spectrum of technologies and materials, ELB can face almost any surface technology challenge with cost-effective and environment friendly production.

Technical Details

  • layer thickness: 30-200 µm
  • hardness: up to 2.000 HV
  • wear resistance: 100,000 times more wear resistant than anodized surfaces
  • abrasion resistance: consistently low coefficient of friction – endurance tested
  • application: pioneering high-performance surface with purposeful combinations of characteristics offer unique selling points

Mit unserem CERANOD®-Verfahren schaffen wir es, in einem extrem breiten Spektrum von Technologien und Materialien verschieden veredelte Oberflächen zu kombinieren.