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Eloxalwerk Ludwigsburg Helmut Zerrer GmbH, ELB for short – founded in Ludwigsburg in 1960 – is a specialized service provider for technical-functional and decorative surface finishing of light metal materials.

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ELB – We make the ILO1 lighter
There is a lot of lightweight construction in the ILO1 - and our exhibitors at the joint stand "Lightweight Construction from Baden-Württemberg" have made the ILO1 even lighter. How ELB - Eloxalwerk Ludwigsburg Helmut Zerrer GmbH did it, ... Read more

Hanover Fair 2019
ELB will exhibit again in 2019 at the joint stand "Lightweight construction from Baden-Württemberg". Read more

Say goodbye to wear and tear: up to 100 times longer life service for components
Poor corrosion resistance and low hardness of metals such as magnesium can now be remedied with a new process: Laser beams are used to melt the high-performance plastic PEEK onto a component precisely where it is subjected to particular stress. Read more

Thin King Awards: Groundbreaking for lightweight construction, ELB recognized for new plastic coating process
Eloxalwerk Ludwigsburg (ELB) is not actually a lightweight construction company, but the medium-sized company from Ludwigsburg-Neckarweihingen received the audience award at the first state-wide Thin King Awards of the Baden-Württemberg Lightweight Construction Agency. Read more

Lightweight construction made possible – through the systematic research work of ELB
Thanks to the systematic research work carried out by ELB® - Eloxalwerk Ludwigsburg - on the protective armoring of corrosion-sensitive light metals, it is now possible to depict a component self-protection system that enables integrated and extended multi-material use. Read more

ÖTG Symposium 2018
Tribology in Industry and Research Tribology - Quo Vadis? A cross-scale view of tribology. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, tribology is strongly influenced by the natural sciences on the one hand and the engineering sciences on the other. Read more

Tribolas 3D
Process development for the laser-based production of site-selective tribological coating systems on 3D surfaces. Funding line: KMU-Innovativ, BMBF. Read more

Materials Science and Engineering MSE 2018
Highlight-Lecture: Laser-applied high performance tribological coatings on light weight materials. To meet the increasing requirements of triboligical systems in e.g. the automotive power train we developed a laser-based coating process wherein the light weight substrate can be coated by laser sintering of a high performance polymer. Read more

The European Corrosion Congress – EUROCORR 2018
Vortrag: Increasing the field for application of magnesium by ultraceramic®. Corrosion and wear protection by plasma electrolytical oxidation (PEO) of Mg alloys. Read more

Quasi-maintenance-free lightweight drives
Lightweight components made of magnesium and other metals can now be specifically protected against corrosion and wear. Laser beams are used to melt the high-performance plastic PEEK onto the surface. Read more