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Eloxalwerk Ludwigsburg Helmut Zerrer GmbH, ELB for short – founded in Ludwigsburg in 1960 – is a specialized service provider for technical-functional and decorative surface finishing of light metal materials.

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„Arbeitgeber der Zukunft“ Award
Last week in Köln, ELB received the five-star award: „Arbeitgeber der Zukunft “, given by Germany´s largest business magazine DUP UNTERNEHMER and the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitization DIND. Read more

ELB at the Ludwigsburger DJK-Lauf 2023
We want to thank all the participants, organisers and sponsors, who took part and made possible the 2nd Ludwigsburger DJK-Lauf 2023. It was a great event that brought together families, organisations, companies from the region and which we had the opportunity of sponsoring and taking part of the event. Read more

ELB at the 10th Lightweight Construction Forum 2023
It was a great experience to attend the 10th Lightweight Construction Forum 2023 at the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), in Berlin. We had the opportunity of having a look at the... Read more

ELB at the 64th German Tribology Conference
As part of the 64th German Tribology Conference taking place this week in Göttingen, our colleague Mr. Sharma, is presenting the poster "Synthesis and Characterization of PEO Coatings for various Tribological Applications on 3D printed Magnesium Alloy". The poster explores the synthesis and characterization of PEO surfaces for... Read more

ELB at the SMT35 Conference
Taking place this week in Hamburg, as part of the 35th Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT35), our colleague Mr. Tiwari will give a talk about "Development of ceramic coatings on Mg-based screw implants for orthopedic application via plasma electrolytic oxidation process". Read more

It was a nice experience to meet people from all over the globe at the EUROMAT 2023. No doubt that the multicultural exchange of knowledge and ideas always takes us a step further. Special thanks to the... Read more

ELB at the EUROMAT 2023 (3/3)
Finally, at the last day of the EUROMAT 2023, taking place on Thursday, our colleague Mr. Sharma will present the lecture "Benefits of PEO coatings on Additively Manufactured Magnesium". This lecture focuses on how magnesium is a promising material for lightweight applications due to its high strength to density ratio. However, it is highly corrosive and prone to oxidation. Read more

ELB at the EUROMAT 2023 (2/3)
Continuing our representation at the EUROMAT 2023, on Monday, our colleague Mr. Tiwari presented the lecture "PEO-coated Bioresorbable Mg-alloy based Screw Implant for Orthopedic Application". Read more

ELB at the EUROMAT 2023 (1/3)
Taking place this week in Frankfurt, as part of the EUROMAT 2023, ELB is not only sponsoring the event, but also, three ELB colleagues are taking part by providing one lecture each. Read more

ELB as sponsor of the 2nd Ludwigsburg DJK run
Even active on an international level, ELB pursues a committed local presence! On 23 September 2023, ELB will be one of the sponsors of the 2nd Ludwigsburg DJK Run. With the motto of different runs in five categories, we cordially invite you to take part in this exciting event together with your friends and family and have lots of fun with us. Read more