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Material testing 2021: Surface technology for additive manufacturing

Robust thanks to CERANOD® – ceramic surfaces

Even though the “Materials Testing 2021" conference, organized by the Steel Institute VDEh in cooperation with the DGM (German Society for Materials Science) and the DVM (German Association for Materials Research and Testing), unfortunately had to switch to a virtual event at short notice, our R&D Department could arise a lot of interest through the lecture.

The material properties of our surface solution for additively manufactured components were presented here; properties that protect from wear and corrosion thanks to a very dense and compact nanoceramic surface – also and especially under harsh conditions.

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Extremer Verschleißschutz durch PEO
Extreme wear protection due to PEO

Executive Summary – Many industrial sectors are benefiting from manufacturing complex structures using AM technologies to achieve significant weight reduction. While a lot of attention has already been paid to optimizing the manufacturing process, the topic of surface protection for such AM components has been little discussed. In this study, the properties of a PEO (plasma electrolytic oxidation) finish on an AM AlSi10Mg alloy were investigated, applying the PEO process to different surface states of the printed components. For example, polished and stress relieved states were considered. The corrosion properties were characterized using electrochemical measurement methods, with the samples also being subjected to a long-term immersion test. A ball and disc tribometer test were used to analyze the wear properties of the surfaces. Furthermore, the microstructure and the morphology of the surfaces, as well as the signs of corrosion and wear, were analyzed using the scanning electron microscope (SEM) and X-ray dispersive spectral analysis (EDX). The results showed that the unprotected surfaces had high levels of pitting corrosion, while the PEO surface showed a homogeneous coating by protecting the material pores. This made possible to achieve high corrosion resistance through PEO surfaces. An extremely high wear protection was given by the ceramic property of this surface. This promising result shows that the lightweight construction potential of the AM components can be fully developed through refinement using PEO.

Link to the conference:
Materials testing conference 2021 – Home (tagung-werkstoffpruefung.de)