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Lightweight now!

Bridging mg To High-Level Applications

“Advances in Engineering" highlighted our innovation, where magnesium is considered as extremely durable and thus, opening up completely new fields of application.

Lightweight Now! - ELB

Magnesium is a lightweight material that has been increasingly used in numerous applications. As an alternative material, it has led to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emission, especially in automobile and aerospace fields. However, its challenging anti-corrosion protection is a big threat to the development and deployment of magnesium alloys.

Several methods of preventing magnesium corrosion including surface treatments and coating have been proposed. However, most of these methods require post-processing to enhance their corrosion resistance ability which may be expensive in the long run. Recently, plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) has been identified as a promising solution for corrosion and wear protection. It forms crystalline ceramic surfaces on the magnesium alloys which exhibits good hardness properties and thus further treatment is not required.

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