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Lecture Collaboration at the DHBW

25 May 2023

We at ELB are interested in spreading our knowledge and experiences to the coming generations and renovating our way of thinking and the way we do things with their fresh ideas; with this combination we can think about future collaborations or even partnerships to work together on common goals.

Our colleague Dr. Buling had the pleasure of contributing to an interesting lecture called “high-performance materials" provided on the 6th semester of the bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (www.dhbw.de).

She explained basic concepts of light weight metals, corrosion, and wear, to more complex concepts like tribological tests, PEO processes, PEEK hybrid solutions, etc. And of course, she pointed out the effects and benefits of our surface technologies.

We are always keen on collaborating and opening our doors for collaborations with universities and students who are interested in our field, we think a mutual benefit results from this kind of exchanges.