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Innovative Polymer Coating Systems – Applied by Laser Sintering Technique


At the virtual poster session, we were able to present our successes with laser-applied PEEK coatings and show how multi-layer systems can broadly increase the service life of components.

Innovative Polymer Coating Systems | Ceranod/ELB

Abstract: Current developments in machine building and automotive industry are dealing with the amplification of energy efficiency and sustainability of components. Therefore, a possible approach is function integration, which enables the application of different functions on one component. A further aspect of energy saving by massreduction can be taken into account by substituting steel by lightweight metals. But in most of the application cases the requirements exceed the properties of the base materials. To overcome this mismatch, multifunctional, application – adapted coatings are required.
In this study the development of a multilayer approach is presented, where PEEK (poly-ether-ether-ketone) is used as a base coating material for Al substrates. The coating is applied by using laser radiation to increase the energy efficiency of the coating process on the one hand and to reduce thermal stress on the component on the other hand. Furthermore, the laser process improves the mechanical properties of the polymeric coating. […]

You can request the entire absrtact here by email.

You can request the entire poster here by email.

Development is part of our current project “Additive laser process for the production of tribological multifunctional layers for energy-efficient systems (ATSM)" (Link to project page)

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