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Industries / Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering

Surfaces of medical devices must withstand extreme influences such as repeated cleaning, disinfection, sterilization.

Our MedTech surfaces offer outstanding functional properties for light metal base materials such as titanium and aluminum as well as for stainless steel. The physiological safety of the coating components is guaranteed by appropriate tests.

The density and homogeneity of our hybrid surfaces and the variety of possible combinations allow innovative synergy effects in functional surfaces, even for critical medical devices.

The parameters of the CERANOD® coatings are variable in a wide range and, thus, can be adapted precisely to special requirements. Characteristics can even be combined with our hybrid coatings.

Basic functions such as corrosion protection and wear protection as well as insulation are complemented by

  • biocompatibility
  • FDA conformity
  • hydrolysis resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • temperature stability
  • radiation resistance

In the field of medical technology, you can count on ELB as an innovative development partner for functional product surfaces aiming at sustainability for people and the environment.

Unsere Medtech-Oberflächenfamilie bietet für die extremen Anforderungen an Oberflächen von Medizinprodukten herausragende funktionale Eigenschaften für Leichtmetall-Grundwerkstoffe.