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Industries / Aerospace


The aerospace sector includes aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and satellites. The main concerns in this area are wear, corrosion protection, weight reduction as well as optical and electrical functional layers.

Extraordinary mechanical demands occur in space travel – especially when launching a rocket. Here, right-first-time with 0 error tolerance is crucial. Meeting these demands requires innovative, high-performance materials that often need new processes and coatings, which have never been used before.

Together with you, we are keen to develop the right concept for your surface requirements to increase the use of titanium as well as of aluminum and magnesium. ELB surfaces help you with issues of weight reduction and increased longevity in aircraft construction.

Luft-und Raumfahrt: Hier geht es vor allem um Verschleiß - und Korrosionsschutz, Gewichtsreduktion und optische sowie elektrische Funktionsschichten.