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EUROCORR 2023 Belgium

August 27 – 31 August, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

Next month, Belgium will receive the ELB at the Annual Congress of the European Federation of Corrosion: EUROCORR. This time we are presenting the abstract „Ultraceramic ® protection for conventional and 3D-printed Mg-alloys “.

Our ULTRACERAMIC ® surface reliably and sustainably protects magnesium components against corrosion. The corrosion protection is at least 1000 times better than that of the unprotected material. Our ULTRACERAMIC ® also performs significantly better than other anti-corrosion layers for magnesium on the market. It is also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

We keep believing that this kind of events around the world, are the perfect scenario for exposure, networking and an overall enriching exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas.

Will we see us there in Brussels? We look forward to!