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ELB at the EUROMAT 2023 (1/3)

01 September 2023
September 03 – September 07, 2023, in Frankfurt, Germany

Taking place this week in Frankfurt, as part of the EUROMAT 2023, ELB is not only sponsoring the event, but also, three ELB colleagues are taking part by providing one lecture each.

Starting today, our colleague Ms Buling will present " Unforeseen protection of AM Aluminum alloys by Ultraceramic® PEO “.

The lecture presents the wear and corrosion properties of Ultraceramic® PEO on Liquid Metal Printed and Selectively Melted Aluminum alloys. The results show that the ceramic properties of these surfaces provide three orders of magnitude higher wear protection and increased protection against pitting corrosion. This suggests that the lightweight construction potential of AM components can be fully unveiled by utilizing the PEO process, thereby enhancing the durability and resistance of these light metal AM components.

You can find more information about the topic here.
And about the lecture and the programme in general here

Also, do not forget to visit our booth at the event (Stand number 4 at the ground floor), we will be happy to receive you. If not, you can also register and visit us through our virtual booth following this link