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ELB at the EUROMAT 2023 (3/3)

05 September 2023

September 03 – September 07, 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany

Finally, at the last day of the EUROMAT 2023, taking place on Thursday, our colleague Mr. Sharma will present the lecture “Benefits of PEO coatings on Additively Manufactured Magnesium".

This lecture focuses on how magnesium is a promising material for lightweight applications due to its high strength to density ratio. However, it is highly corrosive and prone to oxidation. PEO coatings, an environment-friendly process, can solve this issue by providing corrosion resistance and wear resistance. An example of this, is the CAMM project, a joint venture between Laserzentrum Hannover and ELB, aims to explore the surface properties of 3D printed Magnesium samples enriched with PEO.

You can find more information about the topic here

And about the lecture and the programme in general here

Also, do not forget to visit our booth at the event (Stand number 4 at the ground floor), we will be happy to receive you. If not, you can also register and visit us through our virtual booth following this link.