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ELB at the 6th Friction 2024 Symposium

26 February 2024

Dr. Anna Buling had the honor of presenting on “Extreme Lightweight Potential through ULTRACERAMIC® Refinement of Aluminium MMC Material" at the esteemed 6th Friction 2024 Symposium, which highlighted cutting-edge advancements in materials and coatings for ultra-low friction and wear. During the presentation, Dr. Anna Buling showcased the latest developments from our research team, emphasizing various tests demonstrating the promising capabilities of aluminum matrix composites (AMCs). Tests have underscored the remarkable mechanical properties, including high strength and thermal stability, of the AC-Albolon® (AMC) material developed by Advanced Composite Corp. These properties make it an ideal candidate for lightweight material applications requiring superior rigidity and precise shape control. Refined with our ULTRACERAMIC® technology, this amazing material can withstand highest wear, while being extremely corrosion resistant.

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