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ELB at Advanced Composite Corporation

28 June 2023

Last month, during our trip to Japan, we were able to visit Advanced Composite Corporation (https://www.linkedin.com/company/advancedcomposite/), whose we have a great relation with. It was very interesting to see all the different application cases of their costumers and the impressive variety of products they have.

Also, we would like to point out that Advanced Composite Corporation, AC-Albolon, is an amazing material, which increases lightweight possibilities, since it combines the weight of Aluminium with the strength beyond of iron by being thermally stable. This material is a so-called MMC (metal-matrix-composite), whereas Aluminium is used as the matrix metal and incorporated ceramic particles lead to the superior mechanical properties.

We are happy to announce that our Ultraceramic ® process was applied successfully to this amazing material, leading to a reduction of over 90% of wear and an increase of corrosion resistance by two orders of magnitude.

We are convinced that the materials of Advanced Composite Corporation together with our surface solutions may lead to further amazing applications and to new possibilities for increased lightweight and sustainability.

Furthermore, our Ultraceramic ® surfaces are FDA conform and they are free from outgassing, which might also be an interesting point for a lot of further customers.

ELB wants to thank Advanced Composite Corporation, for a great and enriching experience, we look forward to more future projects and collaborations together.

What about you? Thinking about new applications using lightweight materials? Together with our partners we are able to present the right combination to you!