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ELB as „Employer of the Future“

19 July 2023

This time we are thrilled to announce that after an extensive analyses process, ELB was given the five star award: „Arbeitgeber der Zukunft“ (Employer of the Future).

Germany’s largest business magazine DUP UNTERNEHMER and the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitization DIND, had chosen ELB as one of Germany’s medium-sized companies’ figureheads for this ward.

This recognition distinguishes a valuable contribution to the identification, motivation and loyalty of our employees, as it also confirms the qualities ELB has as an employer to our workforce.

We know talent is scarce, but we will always go the extra mile to attract only the best, same as what our variety of products offer in the market.

Employers of the future are modern, digital, innovative and offer modern working conditions. ELB is proud of belonging to this bright future, all together with our employees and customers. Thank you for being part of this.