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Discover the Future of Light Metals with Ultraceramic® PEO Surfaces!

May 27. 2024

Discover the Future of Light Metals with Ultraceramic® PEO Surfaces! 

We are excited to present the latest article by our colleague Anutsek Sharma in the current issue of WoMag. In his article, Mr. Sharma highlights the crucial role of aluminum (Al) and magnesium (Mg) in industries that rely on weight reduction.

The article introduces the innovative Ultraceramic® PEO technique (plasma-electrolytic oxidation), which provides these materials with unparalleled protection against wear and corrosion. This environmentally friendly and efficient process not only improves mechanical properties but also leads to atomically bonded homogeneous ceramic-like surfaces on the lightweight metals. Ultraceramic® surfaces are applied to conventional wrought and cast alloys as well as to components built by modern technologies such as 3D printing and metal matrix composites.

Learn more about the versatile applications and impressive benefits of the Ultraceramic® technology in this article. This innovation could revolutionize the way we use light metals in the industry.

Read the full article here.