Nutzen: Wir entwickeln optimale Oberflächen nach gewünschten Eigenschaften.

Customer Values / Wear-Resistant


Parts with high surface hardness and low friction coefficient are particularly resistant to wear. Hard anodized parts with a layer thickness of up to 150 μm and a hardness value of 350 to 600 HV are wear and corrosion resistant.

The pore structure which is formed during hard anodization process can be used for further modification. It can be optimized, for example, by water proofing or sealing to increase corrosion resistance and wear protection.

In our processes, oxide or ceramic surfaces are formed out of the substrate material. This atomic bonding of substrate and surface guarantees the highest possible adhesion and leads to an extreme increase in wear resistance.

Pin-on-disc wear tests show that our ceramic surfaces increase the wear resistance by four orders of magnitude, while hybrid coating systems provide a virtually endless service life.

Pin-on-Disc-Verschleißprüfungen bestätigen die Verschleißbeständigkeit unserer keramischen Oberflächen.