Nutzen: Wir entwickeln optimale Oberflächen nach gewünschten Eigenschaften.

Customer Values / Precise


ELB processes a wide variety of parts every day – from huge panels to complex geometries to very small parts.

The high demands we set on ourselves are to develop the right treatment for each item. Fits and threads on precision parts must meet the respective requirements even after treatment. We anticipate any dimensional change in the μm range.

For example, the parameters of CERANOD® ceramization can be specifically targeted. This way clearly defined physical, mechanical, and functional properties can be acchieved. The necessary analyses and iterations are carried out promptly in our own laboratory.

Of course a professional QC of all incoming and outgoing parts is part of our daily work. ELB ensures that each component precisely meets all customer requirements.

Die präzise Anpassung an die Applikation ermöglichen klar definierte Eigenschaften.