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Customer Values / Enclosing Edges

Enclosing Edges

The anodization as well as the ceramization process produce protective layers on the light metal. In contrast to many other coating technologies, these protective layers are not applied onto the surface, but are formed by the transformation of the metal surface itself. These layers are firmly connected to the light metal since they consist of the metal itself.

As a result, the layer forms completely over the entire component without paint runs, edges or breaks, regardless of the part’s geometry. Even engraved part numbers are still visible after treatment.

During the hard anodization process, however, the layer grows perpendicular to the surface of the substrate and thus “wrinkles" on edges. Our CERANOD® nanoceramics not only cover edges extremely effectively, but also form a protective armor around the component.

Unsere Schichten entstehen durch Umwandlung der Metalloberfläche und sind somit fest mit dem Leichtmetall verbunden.