Nutzen: Wir entwickeln optimale Oberflächen nach gewünschten Eigenschaften.

Customer Values / Durable


Depending on the operating conditions, components are exposed to different conditions such as humidity, chemicals, mechanical stress, heat, cold, radiation – just to name some. Matching your demands, we equip the components with suitable surfaces so that they are durable and resistant to these influences.

CERANOD® nano-ceramic surfaces on aluminum, for example, show excellent heat resistance and can withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 °C for a short period of time without any change in the surface layer. Therewith, the entire aluminum body can resist a short-term temperature shock.

Furthermore, our ceramic surfaces provide a tremendous service life extension for your component by increased wear and corrosion resistance. Satisfied customers even reported cases of permanent availability.

Our surface solutions even improve chemical resistance to such an extent that they can be used in the most chemically aggressive environments.

Wir behandeln Ihre Teile so, dass diese beständig sind gegen Hitze, Kälte, Strahlung und vieles mehr.