Nutzen: Wir entwickeln optimale Oberflächen nach gewünschten Eigenschaften.

Customer Values / Corrosion-Resistant


Corrosion occurs when metallic materials change measurably upon reacting with their environment. In many cases, this change affects the function of the component.

Our plasma ceramic offers sensational corrosion resistance. Aluminum with a sealed CERANOD® surface resists more than 2,000 hours in a salt spray test without significant traces of corrosion.

Our CERANOD® nanoceramic layer on magnesium has already proven itself in several cases. The application of this light metal with its unbeatable strength-to-weight-ratio is now possible in use cases, which were unthinkable due magnesium’s high tendency to corrode.

We characterize and test newly developed surfaces for you in our in-house laboratory – e.g. through electrochemical test cycles – for the best possible results.

Schichten von CERANOD weisen eine sensationelle Korrosionsbeständigkeit auf. Tests bestätigen, wie korrosionsresisten die Oberflächen wirklich sind.