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Corrosion Awareness Day 2023

We did not want to miss out the celebration of this year’s “Corrosion Awareness Day". A day co-founded by the EFC – European Federation of Corrosion (European Federation of Corrosion (efcweb.org)) teaming with other leading corrosion protection organisations. Recognised by the United Nations, the World Corrosion Organization Day serves as a timely reminder to all of us about the impacts in terms of safety, health, environment and financial aspects that corrosion has in our lives.

As Tomáš Prošek, president of the EFC mentioned on his first Newsletter of the year:

“No matter if it’s scientists investigating mechanisms of corrosion processes, researcher s look ing for improved anticorrosion measures, practitioners developing and selling ready-to-use solutions for corrosion protection, painters protecting structures, teachers sparking interest in corrosion in youngsters, or students preparing themselves for one of these carrier paths, we are all proud to belong to the community of corrosion fighters".

We at ELB are proud of belonging to this corrosion fighter community with our ULTRACERAMIC® surface, that reliably and sustainably protects magnesium components against corrosion. The corrosion protection is 1000 times better than the one of the unprotected material. Our ULTRACERAMIC® also performs significantly better than other anti-corrosion layers for magnesium on the market and is sustainable and very environmentally friendly.

Do not miss the EFC Newsletter here:
EFC+e_newsletter_2023_April-p-2662.pdf (efcweb.org)