Unternehmen: Das ELB Gebäude in Ludwigsburg, hier finden Sie Ihren perfekten Ansprechpartner für Oberflächenveredelungen.

About us / Philosophy


Swabian perfect ingenuity – The world’s most modern production plants in Ludwigsburg work fully automated and with the highest precision and efficiency as well as with the greatest environmental compatibility.

ELB not only works for its customers, but – and above all – with them. It is our greatest strength to bundle all our knowledge and skills, to adapt to the requirements of our business partners and to develop a solution catered to the individual task at hand. This way, our customers always receive a tailored solution.

The ELB team works daily to push the limits: With intensive research and development work, we make sure that even previously “dreaded" alloys can now be safely mastered thanks to precise holistic process control and pulse energy. The team has already been honored five times as one of the TOP 100 most innovative medium-sized companies.

Due to intensive cooperation with scientific institutions the ELB research and development department unveils new areas of application by developing improved materials. For example, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, we applied polymers using a new laser technology. This way it is possible to coat individual areas in a targeted manner by adding several layers on top of each other. Using the laser radiation, we can apply high-end polymer coatings even at low temperatures. This might be a decisive criterion, depending on the mechanical properties of the used base material.

Die weltweit modernsten Produktionsanlagen arbeiten in Ludwigsburg-Neckarweihingen vollautomatisch und in höchster Präzision, Effizienz und Wirtschaftlichkeit bei größter Umweltverträglichkeit.