Unternehmen: Das ELB Gebäude in Ludwigsburg, hier finden Sie Ihren perfekten Ansprechpartner für Oberflächenveredelungen.

About us / Environment & Technology

Environment & Technology

In our processes, we work exclusively with materials that do not contain heavy metals and are non-toxic. Likewise, no harmful substances are emitted. The environmentally friendly CERANOD® nanoceramic is completely recyclable.

Due to our water-saving quadruple cascade flushing technology and many other environmental protections measures we clearly undercut current legal requirements. Therefore, our production is environmentally friendly – today and in the future.

Environmental compatibility is another major topic at ELB, for example in ultrasonic-assisted high-tech cleaning. This is done directly on site in Ludwigsburg in our fully automated production. We obtain the primary energy required for this from ecological, 100% regenerative energy generation.

We use our own geothermal system for heating and cooling. This has reduced our energy cost significantly.

Wir arbeiten bei unseren Verfahren ausschließlich mit Materialien, die nicht schwermetallhaltig und ungiftig sind.