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12 questions about lightweight construction for Michael Kellner

How is the cooperation between “lightweight" technologies and small and medium-sized companies? And what is their key role in the future?

As our Parliamentary State Secretary Michael Kellner explains in his interview for the world of lightweight construction: “Small and medium-sized companies are central to the transformation towards a sustainable innovative economy, and lightweight construction supports this development: resource- and energy-efficient lightweight construction technologies will play a significant role in the long-term decoupling of economic growth and consumption of raw materials and energy" (cited from https://www.leichtbauwelt.de).

At ELB, we are proud to be part of this transformation towards an innovative sustainable future, as all ELB coatings, from classic anodizing to complex hybrid finishes, reinforce surfaces and allow significantly longer and better use in the intended function. As a result, our customers can use their components efficiently for much longer.

ELB itself also works in a resource-saving manner. We only use materials that neither contain heavy metals nor are toxic. Likewise, no pollutants are emitted during our processes.

The environmentally friendly nanoceramic CERANOD® surface can also be completely recycled together with the substrate.

Under this link you can read more about this interesting interview with Mr. Kellner: